Astral Horizon Duelist Academy

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Astral Horizon Duelist Academy

Post by Haruko on Tue May 26, 2015 6:41 am

Welcome students! My name is Haruko, I'll be your student council president here at AHDA. I'm here to tell you some things about it if you are interested in joining. This academy was created actually quite recently. It's a Class A Space Cruiser built to house students for the new era of dueling. It travels between a select group of planets including earth. Bringing cultures together and creating families and friends between them, along with the finest duelists! The students here are always very kind and get along with their fellow students. They help each other to grow and become stronger while also strengthening themselves. Bonds created here are bonds that will last you a lifetime. So please get along with your fellow students. But most importantly students here are here to have fun! We encourage unique and exciting play styles that represent yourself. There are three dorms, each created for students of similar play style to group together and help each other out. Though if you wish to be in a dorm with your friends, that's also fine. Anyways, thank you for reading about us and enjoy your stay here ^^

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