Rules for Joining

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Rules for Joining

Post by Haruko on Tue May 26, 2015 7:02 am

Hello! If you wish to join there are some steps you must follow. First you must read the rules and regulations of this academy. If you accept to follow our rules, you may make an account. After that you need to choose a dorm that you wish to join. There are three dorms and dorm leaders for each of them. If you wish to join you must PM the leader of that dorm. After that you will have to pass a test, a duel. Not a duel to test your skill but a duel to asses your personality. There may also be one other dorm leader or dorm member watching your duel to help asses you. Once you have passed, feel to post a description of your dorm room in the Dorm Rooms section of your dorm. You may also use the forums as much as you like according to the academy's base rules along with any additional rules from your dorm's dorm leader.

Dorm Leaders:
Ruby Red Rose
Atomsk Eclipse
Serena Hikaru  

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